Missing Teeth Springfield

Close The Gaps & Bring On the Smiles

It’s not an overstatement to say that even a single missing tooth can affect almost every aspect of your life. It can make eating more difficult and uncomfortable, causing you to avoid certain foods. It can turn something as simple as smiling or talking into a source of anxiety. It can also make you more likely to develop an oral infection and experience even more tooth loss, leading to further struggles. But thankfully, there are modern, comfortable, and lasting solutions we can offer you to replace any number of teeth that you need. With us, getting your bite back will be nice and easy, so reach out today to get started.

Why Choose Grand Dental Studio for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • Dental Implants Placed & Restored In-House
  • Lifelike Porcelain Dental Bridges
  • In-Network with Most Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Bridges

To bridge a gap left by one to three consecutive missing teeth, we place crowns over the remaining natural teeth on either side. These are bonded to replacement teeth (called pontics) that fill in the space. Made from materials like porcelain or zirconia, our bridges are designed to blend into the smile while allowing a patient to eat more comfortably and avoid dental drift.


For patients missing several or even all of their teeth, nothing can help them faster than dentures. Today’s prosthetics are much more advanced compared to ones of the past, featuring custom-shaped bases that sit securely on the gums and strong teeth that are as eye-catching as they are functional. We offer multiple types so that you can select the one that best suits you, and we’ll make sure your new teeth will stand the test of time.

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Dental Implants

Your teeth consist of two distinct parts—the crown (which you can see) and the root (which is below the gum line). Dental implants are the only replacement option that brings back both the crown and root of a tooth, leading to something that is just as stable as the real thing. Also, dental implants have been shown to last for 30+ years (several times longer than traditional bridges and dentures) and are the most lifelike option available today. With them, you will look and feel like your teeth never went missing.

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